Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Beautiful film for romantics: Take this Waltz (2012)

I didn't feel like watching an action movie, then I saw that they were showing this film which I didn't know anything about it, only that it was a romantic film. I'm actually very glad that we decided to see it.

I have to say that it was a bit cheesy at times but also very different from any typical American romantic movie, it reminded me of some realistic scenes that you typically see in Spanish Almodovar movies such as nudity of regular people and scenes of day-to/day like a woman peeing in a toilet and even using the toilet paper. A very simple thing to do but it's not usually seen in all movies. This one really stood out for me, Canadian writer and director Sarah Polley did a good job. The plot of this fim is not complicated at all, it's just about the evolution of a longterm relationship and the impact it can have to meet an attractive stranger. What the movie tried to show was that even if you end up having a relationship with the attractive and mysterious stranger that you have chemistry with, in the end the relationship will turn into the same thing that the other relationship was. We loved the colors and photography of this film, it's really aesthetic to watch, it's like a sequence of images sometimes you feel like watching a photo-album of beautiful colorful memories. Some of the highlights for me: The scene when it's revealed the longterm joke of throwing cold water at her in the shower ; when Daniel (played by attractive Canadian actor Luke Kirby) leaves the lighthouse postcard with the message to meet again in 20 or 40 years at the lighthouse when they will kiss for the first time; the scene of swimming without touching each other and in general the performance of the actress Michelle Williams. The moral of the story, if you love someone you need to take care of this person so that the relationship doesn't get monotonous. Not an easy thing to do, you need to get creative! And above all, don't get comfortable and think that the other person will never leave you.  Last question you will be thinking of, "Shall I go and see it?" Well the answer is yes, only if you are into romantic films if not , then you will hate it!

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