Sunday, 12 August 2012

Much better than I expected : Step up, Miami Heat (2012)

Yes, I have to confess, we went to see "Step up, Miami Heat". For those who know us, you will know that we love dancing, so no surprises there if we went to see a movie about dance moves. We did not have any high expectations, I even thought it was going to be a cheap repetition of the other step-ups movies, well I was wrong. I actually liked this one more than the first one of the STEP up's movies. The choreography of the dance performances is very original , it's dance combined with art and also delivering a message. The photography of the movie was a bit exaggerated at times, probably because it's a 3D movie and we saw it in 2D. Of course all the dancers and extras are hot in their bath suits and bikinis and it looks like there are no regular people with their bellies on the beach in Miami. Good to know , not to go there lol you already feel tiny and unfit watching the bodies that come up in the film. The plot is simple, a dance crew called "The Mob" that plan performances in the most unexpected places without being invited.  To me, the film was very entertaining to watch, i was not tired to see their performances because each single one of them was original and vibrant. They danced with passion and with original moves. Of course, Andrés loved the protagonist female dancer, I was also happy with the protagonist male dancer lol but I have to say that Channing is still my favorite . It's a pity that he does not take part in the Step up movies anymore. Highlights of the movie for me, the final dance, vibrant!! Of course the end is cheesy and predictable but the dance really got me !! I also liked the dance in the art exhibition , when they were pretending to be sculptures! I have to say that at times, the female protagonist dancer was a bit exaggerated and I had to laugh when I saw Andrés face, I think he wanted to jump into the screen .  This film even has a good message to the world: If you want to protest about something you don't agree with, to get your message across you have to do something different, going out to the streets with signs or creating disturbance ,does not catch the attention anymore. They way they protest in the film is through original performances. Now the question is, Do I recommend this film? Well, if you love dancing and watching a group of young talented dancers in the big screen, go and see it!! It's a very aesthetic film in all senses. When it finished , we were dancing in the street! Of course, watch this film in the big screen, not on a computer, it won't be the same.

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