Sunday, 19 August 2012

Laughter Lounge - Live Comedy in Dublin (2012)

We got free tickets to go to the Laughter Lounge in Dublin (Thanx Elynor!) . What a best therapy against stress than laughing in the best venue to see live comedy in Dublin?!. Have to say that every time you go to see comedy, it really depends on the acts on the night. It's hard that you like all of them, it's not an easy thing to do comedy. This time out of 4 comedians, we loved 2, the other 2 were not our "cup of tea" but actually, specially with John Colleary the audience laughed a lot. The presenter of the comedians Gar Murray was one of the highlights of the night for us, I had alerady seen him before in the Laughter Lounge and I knew he was good, to me he was the best one of the night! Just check out the parody he made of the eortic novel "50 Shades", it was hilarious! Even if we didn't know the erotic novel, he explained it and it was hilarious!

The other suprise of the night was the Dubliner comedian Rory O'hanlon, he was great! We couldn't stop laughing at his parodies about Dublin life style. He's good!!

There was another comedian, the second one , can't remember his name, I think it was Paddy, we did not find him funny at all, a bit racist.., he sang a song about a beautiful Polish DNA improver working in a spa in Dublin so that you get the hint.., he started by saying that Irish people were ugly and all look like potatoes and that due to recession potential DNA-improvers from Eastern-Europe left. Ouch!

If you happen to go to the Laughter Lounge remember that you always have to book the tickets in advanced, it's usually full and they don't let you in on the night if you don't have a ticket. Ah! Don't leave the place without going into the photobooth where they take 4 photos of you for free to remember the night! They will be posted in their facebook page for free the day after!

The Page to get tickets:

Ah! Forgot to say that they have cocktails and drinks for a very good price!

I leave you with a vide of one of the best moments of the night for me:

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