Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Before and After pictures

Yesterday, I was on the Dublin bus on my way to work reading the newspaper and an ad draw my attention, it was one of those promising to lose weight in a matter of days with some miraculous pills. I checked both pictures the one from the obese guy under a title of "before" and then I looked at the other photo on the right handside of a guy in a exagerated top physical condition who is supposed to be the same dude after having taking the marevollous pills (called "photoshop pills!!!" ). Then I thought to myself, " who can be so foul to believe they are actually the same person?"who will be the guys posing for these pictures?" they must laugh out loud when they see the ad, themselves or perhaps they feel guilty, who knows?. DO they have another job or is that their main one? All these thoughts came to my mind at around 7.35 a.m..anyway, I´d love to meet one day one of the models who poses for the picture, specially the one from the "after picture" lol. It´s a joke!

1 comment:

muchasCOSASenLAcabeza said...

Que risa! Quien puede ser tan tarado de creer que esas fotos son verdaderas. Estabamos pensando lo mismo de camino al trabajo. Te mando un besito... Mua!

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