Saturday, 6 June 2009

Some songs that bring me some memories from England in the 90ies

The Tamperer feat. Maya - Feel it

This 90'ies dance song reminds me of my frist summers in England 11 years ago where I was learning English, starting to taking planes and I haven´t stopped since then! This song may not be good for some but it brings memories back to me and I like it!

This song from Mouse T also brings me memories from England ,specially because I sang it loud without knowing the meaning of "horny" and I was on the streets from Poole (little town in the South coast of England) singing "i´m horny,horny,horny tonight"!

As I only knew the songs from the radio or the discos, I had to sing any song I liked to the music shop assistant , that was the only way to try to get the right single in the old tapes and take it home with me!

The last example of the single tape I took with me from England to Córdoba is this song by Tina Cousins "misterious times"

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