Sunday, 7 June 2009

Terminator 4 " Salvation"

A bit violent, video game-like movie but I have to say that I was gladly surprised (i thought it was gonna be much worse lol). Spite of being the 4th movie of the terminator series, the movie keeps you entertained and Christian Bale played an excellent role along with Sam Worthington (they are both very hot, as well by the way!). The special effects are unbeliavable if you compare them with the first 2 movies of the series! There is even also a short scene with Arnold Schwarzeneger in it lol , to me that was the best part. Terminators fans do not miss this movie even though some critics didn´t give it a good score, ignore them!! for the rest if you are not into very violent and action not go!and if you are, go to the cinema and watch it there,if you watch it from your laptop it´s not gonna be the same!

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