Wednesday, 9 December 2009

The truth bank online! The truth makes life more interesting

I have just discovered by chance how to wind up when i need to tell the truth about something and get some honest opinions from strangers. There is an Irish web page called "the truth bank" where you can tell your truth anonymously and give your opinion on other people´s truth. Imagine how dangeorus could be if the web page´s creators will gather the i.p.s to locate the people who told a truth such as " i hate my job and/or boss" this is the most common post i have seen (none was mine, i promised!because i dont hate my job, I think that nowadays there are so many doors open on the internet to express yourself and have social connections that is such an advantage to our ancestors. I can´t imagine my grandpa writing online " i hate Franco" (the Spanish dictator )this may have lead to an online revolution! so what are you waiting for? go and check other people´s truth and leave yours!

For now check this interesting video from their web page about conceptions of a possible truth, i got a different one from the actual truth shown after the video was played:

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