Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Ne-yo concert, O2 in Dublin 7.07.09

English version

Tuesday evening at around 20.30 , Ne-yo appears with a black hat,dressed in a white jacket and in black trousers singing, he mentioned Michael Jackson, a flash-back of him came when I saw him on stage. You could see Michael´s influence on Ne-yo throughout the concert, the way he danced and the way he sang had many of Michael´s touches. The first song of the night " because of you", agitated teens, groups of single girls ,mothers with their daughters and some couples like us. Fans screamed loudly aclaming their idol, us in the middle dancing and feeling a bit old,i have to admit, i would have loved to see a grandma there lol. Ne-yo didn´t dissapoint me , he has such a rhythm, the way he moves his body is very appealing and sexy. He knows he is hot and some of the female fans threw their bras at him and he responded with a smile, you could tell that most of his songs have been inspired by women and to some extent the concert was very much dedicated to us "women"!!. The band that Ne-yo had consisted of 6 musicians playing different instruments, they played an in important part at the concert, around 4 female dancers and 2 male ones accompanied Ne-yo. In one of the songs, Ne-yo sang it with a black well-built dancer and it reminded me of Michael Jackson´s video where he walks along with a girl on the street and he followed her "the way you make me feel". Ne-yo´s elegance and friendliness talking to the audience conquered us and the O2 acoustics made it sound like a cd, I couldn´t tell the difference ! not any bad note coming from Ne-yo. After 2 hours of good music and rhythm, the concert ended with one of my favourite songs "closer". Ne-yo´s music made me forget about the stress and routine, it´s unbeliavable the power that a good concert can have,don´t you think? that´s what I love about music..it takes you to another level. The melody was broken by the shouting street merchants trying to sell counterfeit merchandise outside the o2,of course they had many clients since a ne-yo t-shirt costs 30 euros! i finish this humble review with a short video of us enjoying the concert

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