a pop legend is gone

YOu may be or not be a big fan of Michael Jackson but what is undeniable is that leaving aside his private and controversial life,being white or black, Michael was a great artist. He was an icon and inspiration for many musicians , he created style with his dance moves ,hats and clothing. I grew up with his scary and unforgettable video thriller, my older sister used to play very loud his music when i was very little. Then I grew up and I bought for myself my first record " bad" ,i loved it from beginning to end! It´s a pity that pop legends like him vanished from our world and people who can´t nor sing nor dance are considered kings or queens of pop nowadays...

To remember Michael with smile you may want ot see this imitation video of Bad that was very famous at that time


This my small tribute Michael, i hope you read it wherever you are!

Michael died on the 26th of June 2009


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