Chritoph Waltz the best actor in "inglorious basterds" by Tarantino

I just wanted to dedicate a few lines to an incredible actor that i didn´t know of until i watched "inglorious basterds" last Wednesday, Christoph Waltz, from Austrian origin and born in 1956 his level of acting is superb! He plays very well the role of cold,mean SSS agent switching from German, French and into English without any difficulty. To my mind, Tarantino´s movie would not be that good without him on it. Brad Pitt also plays an excellent role (the older he gets, the funnier he gets!)and Daniel Brühl, Til Schweiger (he is so hansome!) and many more actors! what? That you haven´t watched it yet?? what are you waiting for? but before going remember it´s Tarantino and blood and violence will be present with a subtle sense of humour and full of simbolism but this time in a multilingual environment.


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