Thursday, 24 September 2009

Yes to Lisbon Treaty

This is my humble contribution to the "Yes vote" to the lisbon treaty dedicated to the 2nd of october referendum in Ireland. There is a hot debate at the moment in the country and I do hope that the misleading "no" campaign with things like "minimun wage of 1.84" or "race to the bottom" or mentioning the bank crisis can´t convince a vast majority of Irish voters. The Lisbon treaty is not reponsible for the global recession! Ireland without EU fundings wouldn´t be where it is now! The No-campaigners state that Germans or French will have more power in decission making if the treaty is approved, well do you think that if you are outside the treaty you are going to have more power within EU? Those who dindt go to vote the first time or those who voted yes, please take part in the 2nd October Referendum! your participation is vital! Europe needs you!! if you don´t support EU decissions, how are you going to be part of EU? we are all one!!

signed by: a proud European with high future hopes!

I have borrowed the picture from a young IRish organization that support the YES vote-

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