Sunday, 4 October 2009

Signed by the box,music videos interpreted for deaf people

Happy Sunday, I only wanted to dedicate this short post to Darryl Jackson, a man that interpretes music videos for deaf people every morning in a tv video show called "signed by the box". He has 2 female co-workers but he is the one who actually has the rythm inside him. I´d love to meet him one day since I think his passion is admirable,you can really tell that he is enjoying his job. Being able to interpretate in sign language an Eminem video must be very hard due to the speed of his rap-lyrics and Darryl has actually achieved that. What a pity that the tv show is always at 7.00 a.m.. I dont really get why movies,news or even music videos for deaf people have to be either very early in the morning or very late! Deaf people also should have the right to wake up a bit later and understand what is being displayed on TV/cinema-dont you think?

I introduce you to Darryl Jackson! sorry about the quality of the video of Darryl and Rhyanna

Spanish version: Feliz Domingo, quería dedicarle unas líneas a "Darryl JAckson", un hombre que interpreta videos músicales para sorods,cada mañana en un programa llamado "signed by the box", hay otras dos mújeres interpretes pero él es el que lleva realmente el ritmo dentro de su cuerpo. Me encantaría conocerle algún día ya que creo que su pasión es admirable, se ve claramente que él está disfrutando su trabajo. Ser capaz de interpretar en lenguaje de signos un video de Eminem no es nada fácil y el lo ha conseguido. Que pena que sea siempre a las 7 a.m.. La verdad es que no me parece justo que las películas,noticias o videos para sorods tenga que ser siempre o muy temprano o muy tarde por la noche. Los sordos también deberían tener derecho a levantarse un poco más tarde y entender igualmente las noticias,videos o películas, tú que opinas? bueno,os presento a Darryl Jackson, lamento si la calidad del video no es muy buena!

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muchasCOSASenLAcabeza said...

I definitely agree with thou. It is a joy to watch the tele every morning before going to work and see this fellow transmitting the music with his marvellous rhythm.

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