Sunday, 3 May 2009

A movie not to be missed: "Let the right one in"

This is the first Swedish movie I have ever seen in my life and I was positively surprised. The filmmaker Thomas Alfredson takes you through a story mixed with true feelings such us: being rejected by society, being bullied, tenderness viewed through the eyes of 2 kids. One being a 12-year old vampire girl,Eli and the other, Oskar being a common kid that starts a magic relationship with his new and lonely neighbour: Eli who only comes out at nights in a very cold suburb in Stocklohm.

I´m not going to tell you more of the story but even the violent bits of it that reflects Elis´need of eating blood are made in such a way that you really understand the necessity of it. This is not a movie for everybody, though. My husband and I loved it and I found it very aesthetic. We loved the ending, it was great to get a break from the predictable American movies and see something different.

I truly recommend it if you are not scared of seeing some blood combined with the feelings I have described above. We even had some fun reading the subtitles and trying to learn some Swedish! "ah" means yes! (that´s the only thing we could get really lol. Run to the cinemas since it´s not a very commercial movie and I dont´ know how much longer it will last!

the trailer can be seen at:


lulu said...

niña! La vi en cuantico que salió, porque me había leido el libro hace unos cuantos meses y ya estaba al loro! Menos mal que te ha gustado, me pase dos semanas hablando del libro y todo el mundo me miraba raro..vampiros...asesinatos...ya está la friki esta. Así. En ti encuentro un alma afín, jajaja!!

Grechen said...

si si puede que haya gente q nos vea como freakies,no es una película para todos los gustos pero a mí me encantó ,además el tema de los vampiros siempre me ha gustado mucho! el libro tiene que estar muy bien,me imagino,no te creas q no me entraron ganas de leerlo al salir! viva Eli!

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