Sunday, 9 January 2011

The Secret Millionaire (TV reportage series -Channel 4)- A must see

I wanted to recommend you an interesting TV series of reportages that you can see on the Brisith channel 4. To my mind, the initiative of these U.k. reportages is inspiring and I'm always moved by the stories of people who live in less-favored areas that need help and they actually get it in the end. On this programe, you can see every week a British millionaire who wants to donate some money (usually at least 65 thousand pounds)to really make a difference. The undercover millionaire lives for a week or 2 in a less-favored area and live like them (they even have minimum "welfare" pay) and start mingling with community organizations, charities or common inhabitants. At the end of the experience, he needs to decide whom he is donating the money and he has to reveal the truth. It's so nice to see how people react when the millionaire gives them a check , you can really tell that it's real! You can see some episodes on the channel 4 webpage, the one i'm sharing the link with you now ,made me cry like a baby!

This reportages also show the amazing work many volunteers do to assist others. Another thing you can learn from the programme is how some U.k. citizens are stinky rich!! GEE!!

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