Sunday, 23 January 2011

Movie Recommendation: NEDS (2010) now in the cinema!

Another week that I have been in tension in my seat in the cinema but at least this week, i can say that I can truly recommend this Scottish film "Neds (non-educated delinquents")! It's class!!! The film shows how in 1972 gangs of delinquents lived in less favored areas from Glasgow (unfortunately, I think much of it ,is still seen today!). Tough to understand their accent sometimes, this reminded me of Trainspotting , when many times i couldn't understand a word lol. I'm not going to reveal the plot, so that you suffer like me (sometimes i couldn't even watch, it's a bit violent in some parts, so if you can't handle violence..don't go!). The main protagonist, Connor McCarron plays an excellent role as John Mcgill, he's personally my favorite. In the movie, they explain how hard is not to get involved in gangs when you live surrounded by them, either you join one of them or you are a victim of them! Once you see it, you can tell me if your favorite scenes are : The one with John Mcgill and the statue of jesus (what a paranoia!) and the other one, is again with John Mcgill but this time with his school mate and the lions and the tigers (another unique scene lol). Even though the movie is a drama, you will also have a laugh. As a conclusion, I have to say that if i lived in the same place and treated in the same way, i'd also have become a delinquent!

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