Sunday, 23 January 2011

Jane Eyre (Gate Theatre, Dublin)

Andrea Corr, the lead singer of the Irish group "The Corrs" is the main protagonist of this 19th century Charlotte's Bronte novel "Jane Eyre". Before going to see this play , I was a bit sceptical, knowing only Andrea from her singer's career but she proved me wrong, her acting skills are at the same level that her singing ones! You really got into the tough stages of life of Jane Eyre, which was respected in the play. I personally liked the way , the character of the old Jane Eyre was in the corner of the stage narrating the story while the rest of the actors were ont he stage. The little kid who played Jane as a child was also remarkable along with Sir Rochester, of course.

To sum up, the play is a soap-opera of the nineteenth century where you can find: emotional and physical child abuse by Janes' Auntie, Jane's life at Lowood school with other poor orphans, her life as a governess when she fall in love with MrRochester not knowing of Mr Rochester's lunatic wife, who, by the way, scared all us on the stage ( she had a small role but gee ,it was believable! at one point some people from the audience even screamed!), an interrupted wedding, a surprising inheritance from an unknown relative and in the end a happy ending. All along, performed with an exquisite and elegante English language where any words of latin origin were used and Andrea is delicate and beautiful (i could not find er any fault, only a bit short ! and i was on the 4th row so..pretty close!). The changes of scenarios were done by the same actors in low light ,it was simple but it was good because you could use your imagination as well to picture the whole scene, i liked that simplicity and the movement of furniture. No huge budget on the clothing or effects but the 15 actors who performed made us all, feel like in another time. The audience was very respectful and no mobile sound went off or any weird noises (this is really appreciated!)! To put it in a nutshell, I'm very glad we went to see this play, a novel i never had time to read when i was at the university and that it was on the back of my mind!

If you have a chance to see this adaptation by Alan Stanford, don't miss it!!! You will laugh, suffer and even feel fear of MR Rochester lunatic's wife (we thought she was going to jump out of stage or something lol)

IF you don't believe me you can read Irish times review ,like they say this adaptation can inspire a new generation of readers!

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