Sunday, 16 January 2011

Blue Valentine (2010) - Depressing movie..take tissues with you..

This year I have decided that I'm going to write about all the movies I see in the cinema just for me to remember at the end how may i have watched! (I usually lose count!).

The first movie I have seen in 2011 has been " Blue Valentine" and Gee..if you want to leave the cinema depressed and seeing your relationship as wonderful because your boyfriend/husband is not a loser and hasn't got alcohol problems, then go and see it! I can't say it's a bad movie because the 2 main protagonists: Ryan Gosling (you feel sorry for him and he is actually cute..and he has a nice body..and smile..) and Michelle Williams plays very believable roles at one point you forget that it's actually a movie and it feels like you are watching the reality of a couple's tough love story. Before I went to see this movie , I read that they deserved an oscar nomination and I agree, they do but still the film was not my cup of tea but I do give them credit!

Some people start leaving before it ended , I honestly, didn't leave because Andr'es wanted to stay at the end of the movie i felt like jumping into the river Liffey lol! Honestly, go and see a comedyyyyyy.

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