A very beautiful,magical and tough film where you will see the night of Dublin through the eyes of 2 kids that come from troubled families surrounded by domestic violence, alcohol, swearing or even child abuse. These 2 kids,Dylan and Kylie tried to escape from their difficult families lives and realized that life on the streets of Dublin is too harsh for a couple of kids who cannot defend themselves from all the dangers that lie behind the dark streets of dublin at night. A world for adults and not for little kids. After I saw this movie I remember when we bumped into a little "knacker" kid alone walking at night parentless, he looked high or drunk and were thinking what his parents would be like. Ireland has a huge problem with the so called "knackers" having so many kids without being able to raise them properly , jobless with drug or alcohol problems. One can see many groups of kids on their own at night vandalising or stealing .I Can´t believe the government doesn´t do anything about it...,hopefully this movie will open many people´s indifferent eyes to the major social problems in Ireland ...


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