Dj Roger Sanchez

A worldwide famous and grammy awarded dj from Dominican origin: Dj Roger Sanchez. I had the pleasure to see him live in Tripod (Dublin) on the 12th Sept 2008. I wasn´t a big fan of him to be honest, I only knew one song from a video that I personally find very original "another chance". However, since I saw him perfoming I have become one of his most truthful admirers! His music is a blend of different styles: disco,salsa, blues, soul and hip hop, and the result is a very creative and rhythmical melody which keeps your spirits high!
It´s not possible to classify Roger´s sound under one category and that´s is actually what makes him different from other djs and musicians.

Do you wanna try and have a go and listen to him?


Yea, I do agree! His music is cool! If you wanna dance all night long, this is the right music! That night the night club wasn't that full and we could dance without sweaty stinky "muzazos". Great fun!

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