Captain Frodo, The contorsionist, one of the best acts from "la clique"

I promised that I was going to dedicate one article from my blog to the great Frodo,also called "the rubber man". Born in Norway, son of a Magician, Captain Frodo has been performing on stages since he was 8 years old. He began as an assistant in his father’s magic show and has since become a solo performer.Captain Frodo was born double-jointed which means he can bend, contort and even dislocate most parts of his body into many different shapes. This video is about his "tennis raquet show" which I have seen and believe me, some parts I was not even able to look!!


Anonymous said…
Hahaha Super bueno!! Very crazy man and loved the music!
Declan said…
Oh my god. The nipples!!!! The nipplies!!!1
Grechen said…
ah lol yeah, i know,imagine that I saw him live! he´s a good man and with a great sense of humour! i also love the music!

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