Sunday, 30 September 2012

Horror Movie: "House at the end of the Street" (2012)

Those who know me well can tell that I'm not a big fan of watching horror movies, I'm the type of person who doesn' t like to get scared or suffer in the cinema. However, yesterday we got to the cinema and the choices were limited: 2 horror movies versus one cheesy American film, I chose the horror movie that looked less scary (the other one was: "Resident evil: Retribution" (no thank you..)). I have to say that although I did not look some times not to get scared, it didn't help because Andres jumped out of the seat a couple of times. The film itself it's not good, dialogues are poor, plot is not strong enough, the way it was directed didn't bring much, the actors.. , in general not convincing at all. All in all, we were entertained somehow, maybe because we don't usually go to see this type of movies but for those who are really into horror films, I do not recommend this one. The plot in a few lines is  a couple that were killed in a house by their daughter and their only son left, Ryan, remains living in the house where they died. New neighbours come : Jennifer Lawrence (from "Hunger games",great movie, by the way) and Elizabeth Shue (gee haven't seen them since that Tom Cruise movie years ago "Cocktail"), they hear rumours about the house next door and Ryan and then it all starts. One highlight for me: Ryan, there is something psychotic about him that I like lol. I think I'll forget about this film in a couple of weeks, nothing memorable about it..

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