Saturday, 8 September 2012

Fiction movie: Total Recall (2012) by Belén Delgado

Remake of the 90'ies Schwarzneger movie of the same name "Total Recall" but this time with Irish hot actor Collin Farrell , Kate Beckinsale playing her wife and Jessica Biel. This 2012 version did not score the pass mark in the rottentomatoes movie page with a 47% but we actually liked the film and for us it does have a pass rate ( a 70% for me). I have not seen the Schwarzneger original film which actually has a score over 80% by the audience, I want to see it now to compare the two. The plot of the total recall is not complicated at all, there is a lof of action, chasing, jumps, fighting and a fiction story about getting an alternative life injected to experience any type of life you would have like to have. To me , this film achieved what I was looking for: To be entertained and not to think of the daily routine. I liked the modern effects and even the idea of going to the UK (representing the progress) to the colony in only a few minutes in a modern version of the London tube. The highlights for me, Kate played very well the role of the angry and energetic wife lol, she portrays the wife that every man should have (a bit of kicking if the hubby is late back home)!! When Collin returns to his real house and tries to remember. There are a lot of action scenes that I liked, specially the one in the lift or the one when they go from UK to the colony and the robots are on stand-by. If you ask Andrés he would probably tell you that his highlight was the street prostitute with the 3 tits , who also comes up in the original film, by the way. If you ask me if i recommend this film, I would say yes but always watch it in a big screen (cinema!), if you see it at home in a computer, I'm sure it loses a lot. If you are very demanding with action films, you may not like it,don't know but we liked it and Andres had actually watched the original film that I talked you about at the beginning and he still liked the 2012's version of it. I leave you with a photo of the original movie and the 2012 remake where you can see the similarities (I personally prefer Collin's looks hehehe):

and the trailer of the remake:

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