Monday, 10 September 2012

Comedy to suffer with a smile: A few best men (2012)

This British-Australian comedy had all the ingredients to make the audience laugh: A bunch of disastrous male British friends going to Australia for a stag party and then for a wedding, a crazy gay drug-dealer, a worshipped sheep, Oliva Newton John high with cocaine and funny chubby Australian actress: Rebel Wilson playing to be a lesbian just to bother her dad. I have to say that I laughed but I also suffered a lot putting myself in the bride's shoes most of the times. Yeah the plot of the film is simple, it's about a wedding of a young British guy and a young beautiful stink-rich Australian and all that happens before and during their wedding. I don't want to ruin this film, you can really see the British touch many times, it reminded me of Mr Bean's humour when you suffer watching him in difficult situations (sometimes I suffered way to much.. poor Bride!!). Andrés enjoyed the film more than I did but still I liked it. The critics gave it only a 19% versus the 69% of the audience scores in the rottentomatoes web page. If you ask me if I recommend it, well yeah, you will have a laugh even though it won't be the film of your life. Some of the highlights for me: The scene when they are trying to get the sheep back to life with the mouth-to-mouth; the scenes with the drug-dealer, all the scenes with the friend that is heartbroken because his girlfriend left him (I found him hilarious..) etc etc Of course, no need to say you have to see this film in the original version.

The moral of the story: Don't let your husband-to-be to go to a stag party and to invite his friends to his wedding, they will ruin it!!!

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