Monday, 3 September 2012

Movie: Shadow dancer (2012)

I personally, I'm very interested in the topic of the IRA's times in Ireland back in the 90'ies because I live in Ireland and I'm interested in its history and in the way people lived here not so long ago. I had high expectations about this film and although I have to say that I didn't hate it, I didn't love it either. It was an o.k. film. Andrés fall asleep halfway and got bored the other half. I ,however, tried to follow the plot but still, the story did not captivate me. An ira female terrorist called Colette that started helping the police, being an informant to find future bomb attacks for the IRA planned from her natal Belfast.Have to say that Clive Owen plays an excellent role, as usual and as a highlight, I liked the beginning of the film and I did not expect the end, of course it's a very dramatic one. So we could summarize it as: It started very well, then in the middle it didn't get very exciting and the end caught you by surprise. If I recommend this film? uhm well, the answer is: Hell no.. rather save your time. I don't feel like writing more about this film. sorry. But remember to me I found it just "o.k." , I didn't hate it but to me it was not memorable, it will not be a a film I'll want to see again, no.

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