Ron Mueck unique sculptures

I wanted to show you a unique Australian hyperrealist sculptor : Ron Mueck. The realism of his sculptures is superb, his coming exhibition will be in Japan,next April but i do hope to be able to admire his art in Europe one day.

Mueck´s sculpture look may remind you of the movie "the labyrinth" starring David Bowie (I loved that movie by the way!) for which he contributed. It´s unbeliavable the close you can get to reality through art , don´t you think?

The sculpture of the baby girl is really impressive and the one with the woman in bed or the big guy. I haven´t seen another sculptor like Mueck, have you?


Raquel said…
Anda! Yo ví la escultura del hombre agachado en un museo de Aarhus (Dinamarca) en Junio 2006!
Grechen said…
sí¿¿ no me digas!! que suerte!! impresionaba,no?yo espero poder ver alguna escultura de Mueck algún día!

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