Modern starts exhibtion in Córdoba (Spain)

Today i have been to this Mondern starts exhibition where very original and suggestive photographs taken by very talented Spanish photographers. Daniel Canogar´s photograph covered one wide wall due to its extensive length. Some nude bodys inbetween of cables,mobiles adn other electronic devices all messed up in what looked like a dumping site really caught my attention (see picture where onlyone part of the pciture is displayed). Joan fontcubierta´s photograph "google grama 24" with a big colourful skulk with mini printed images of our day-2-day world. These two pictures along with the one with Picasso´s bread hands (see picture) were my favourite. Capturing reality in an instant through photos help us to have a closer look at our life as a whole, life that is different according to the eyes that contemplates it.


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