Monday, 22 July 2013

An OK film but not the best one of my life: "Now you See me" (2013)

Maybe because I went to see it on a Friday evening, not a good day since I'm more demanding with whatever I do because it's the end of my week or maybe because it isn't the film of my life, not sure but I did not love this movie. We were entertained and I liked the magic tricks but some of them are unexplainable and the explanation they try to give, did not convince me. Some of the highlights for me were when they robbed the bank at the beginning, when they are asked by the FBI in the cells and the role played by Woody Harrelson as a mind-reader, he is definitely the best in the film. Michael's Kane role is very short and not stellar (such a good actor with such a short and meaningless appearance) and Morgan Freeman keeps you interested for a while but not even his explanations of the tricks made much sense for me (only the one with the mirrors). One of the lines i remember is " too many French in a room for me" (OMG, I laughed out loud with this one). Not many more highlights.. a movie i even forgot I watched when someone asked me if i went to the cinema over the weekend. And yeah if you ask me if i like the end.. uhm .. well no.. but don't get me wrong, we were entertained, I'd say my husband liked it more than me , maybe I had too high expectations because someone said that it was the best movie of the year .. which is definitely NOT the case but you can go and judge by yourself. I have to agree with the critics from rotten tomatoes who gave it a 47%. It's a pass.

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