Sunday, 14 July 2013

Good propaganda for Google: The Internship (2013) by Belén Delgado

Critics in rottentomatoes score it with a 36% and the audience with a 66%. Before going to see this film you have to know what you are going to see. For example, I went to see it to have a laugh since I like the 2 main comedy actors in the film: Vince Vaughn and Owen Nilson. I also found appealing the idea to see the Google headquarters in California which I happened to see when I was there but only from outside. Once you have these expectations, is ok, this is what you actually get: a few laughs and very good propaganda about Google ,which is considered one of the best companies to work with in the world. We enjoyed the film and we were entertained so for me it has the pass mark. It´s probably one movie I´ll forget about in a few weeks but at least I got what I expected! I have no doubts and I always knew that working for the giant Google as full time employee has a lot of advantages and benefits. I´m not going to tell you much more about the film because then I´ll spoil the moments when you may laugh and then it won´t be funny anymore but see if you laugh when: They have their first interview with Google, when they receive the rules for all interns, when they go out with their project group, when they win the last challenge! So yeah, if you are member of the cinema as we are, go and see it one day that you don´t want to think much, if you can´t see it in the big screen, it´s o.k. it´s the type of film you can see on TV or in your computer. Anyway, if you miss this film, it won´t change much either..and yeah the ending is predictable from the beginning!

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