Sunday, 14 July 2013

Recommended movie " Behind the Candelabra" (2013) by Belén Delgado

I love going to see a film based on a true story where you learn something new about people who have marked an era, in this case in the era of music and entertainment. This film is about the life of the American entertainer of the 70ies, Liberace who was a genius pianist and vocalist with a sense of extravagance and  over the top costumes and coats for his shows. The audience score it with a 97% and critics with a 93% in the rottentomatoes page, I´ll give it a 80%. He was the best paid entertainer in the world between the 50ies and 70ies and he was also the predecessor of Madonna or Lady Gaga in the sense of drawing´s the audience attention not only due to his talent but to his costumes and appearance. The highlights of the film for me are the stellar role of Michael Douglas as Liberace, he even talks and move as him, unbelievable. The film shows Liberace´s controversial life for that time with a lot of respect, Liberace never admitted being gay in his life and sue all the media that tried to confirm that. Matt Demon plays his lover, Scott Thorson , who Liberace had having him an OP on his face just to look more like him. Matt looks young and fresh and you really believe in their relationship , you forget that they are acting. You really have to love someone to allow having your face changed to look like somebody else (this is a true fact ).The movie shows how their 5'year relationship evolved until they break-up. The short role of the 80ies actor, Rob Lowe in the film is also memorable, he is the crazy weird looking Liberace´s cosmetic surgery doctor. Liberace died of AIDS and Scott is in prison at the moment dying of Colon Cancer.  All in all, I´m glad I got to know the very talented pianist Liberace, you can see original performances of him in youtube, you may want to judge him on the life style he had (I don´t) but his talent is undeniable and his music will be there for generations to come. I leave you with his original piano performance of the Boogie which can be seen in the film.

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