Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Before Midnight by Belén Delgado (2013)

Last witty dialogue-heavy movie of the trilogy from director Richard Linklater with the unconventional actor Ethan Hawke and talented French actress July Delpy. I have to say that out of the three movies , this is my least favorite but still I loved every line of their conversations. This film reminded me of the old movies when there used to be an elaborated script full of dialogues among the protagonists. Nowadays, this type of cinema is being lost, which I think is a pity. "Before Midnight"  is about how the relationship of Jesse and Celine evolved after 9 years together. The setting is in beautiful Greece where they show a bit of its landscapes and of its delicious food and excellent weather. It's all about the conversations they have, they make you think. You can relate to them. I should be on Celine's side but actually find her a bit annoying at the end, she is a bit nuts lol although I think they both make a beautiful and charming couple. I'd love to remember so many lines that I liked about their conversations. Some of the highlights for me are when Jesse pretends to have received a letter from the future from the 80-year old Celine and it narrates that on that same night they had the best sex of their lives, this was the way Jesse wanted to win Celine back after a very long fight between the two. I like the simplicity and realism of the film, they are just regular people that connect with each other. I love the hypothetical questions that Celine asks Jesse all the time, I actually do that a lot , too LOL , questions as: "If we meeting for the first time again right now as I'm , will you approach me?". I have always been a fan of Ethan Hawke, i like his acting and his mature and masculine voice, I could be listening to him forever...,yeah he looks much older but I do not care! I'm not going to reveal anything-else about the movie so that you can enjoy the dialogues as much as I did. This film is only recommended if you have seen the other 2 films and if you you liked the other 2, it's for romantics, not for everyone. I liked it but I didn't love it, my husband enjoyed some of the dialogues but he got a bit annoyed/bored with Celine .. maybe because he doesn't like arguing that much and Celine loves to have an argument! The good thing was that after the movie, he realized how easy-going I am!

The audience has given "Before Midgnight" a 90%, the critics a 98%, for me is a 75%.

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