Monday, 24 June 2013

A movie to avoid: " World War Z" by Belén Delgado

I can't go to sleep without warning you about this movie .. yeah, I know I also had high expectations.. specially being a movie with Brad Pitt in it after so long and a war of zombies (those who know me, will remember my passion for zombies!). Well, it had a good start and it went from bad to worse towards the middle of the film (the worst thing is that based on the ending, they imply that there could be another movie! NOOO!!). I really tried to engage with the story and how they wanted to resolve the situation of being invaded by zombies but no, no, it was not convincing at all. We were also in shock with one of the scenes where they show Israel with high walls where they were saving the people from the zombies that tried to climb the wall. Did they mean something else with those zombies being on the other side of Israel ? Well, maybe they didn't mean anything but we could read between lines..  Then the spooky and weird movements of the zombies got from scary to funny and a few of us started to laugh heavily . I found personally funny when Brad goes walking in the middle of the zombies as if he was some kind of superman with his blonde hair! At some point of the movie you star to wonder how come a common human being can survive so many accidents (car accident, plane accident, being beatin by a zombie..) and still being so good looking and healthy. You need to be Brad Pitt to survive all this and still look hot lol. It's definitely a movie to forget and we were really pissed off after it finished!! We could have gone to see another film! Well, at least it made us laugh!!! IF you ask me , will you recommend it? NOO, NOO, NOO!!!

The critics  in score it with a 64% for me it does not even get to 40%! The only good thing was to see Brad Pitt again and the scene on the plane with all the zombies inside. Another film on my list that I'll forget.. - AVOID!!!

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