Monday, 24 June 2013

And I went to see: "Man of Steel" (2013) by Belén Delgado

I'm going to summarize it in a few words:

Amazing effects, fights in the air in a great setting with skyscrappers, speed, violence (not a movie for kids at all.., too many destructive fights) , fantasy and a bit hairy new superman (played by Henry Cavill), in my opinion  hot body but someone should have shaved his chest lol. I personally prefer the traditional superman story: Old superman is more likable and nicer, I find the new superman a bit mean and too violent, this new superman is not so clumsy as the old one, I liked when he pretended to be clumsy and when he took off his glasses in the phone-booth and became superman! However, I cannot say that this new "Man of Steel" did not entertain me, specially due to the special effects and speed. One of the highlights was when Superman hit Zod (brilliantly played by Michael Shannon, he is SUPER BAD!) after he attacked his mum  on earth (Don't mess with superman!!) or the final fight with Zod flying among skyscrapers  I would have reduced it by 30 mins, a bit too long for my liking. My husband loved it, for me I give it a 7. If you get the chance see it in 3D, go! You can tell by the scenes in 2D that it's totally made to make you feel part of the fights in 3D! I ain't telling you anything else, so that you can judge by yourself. According to rotten tomatoes, the critics rated with a 56% and the audience with 82%.

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