Thursday, 29 August 2013

Movie recommendation: Elysium (2013) by Belen Delgado

I can't go on holidays before writing about the best movie I have seen lately in the cinema. It was about time! What's wrong this summer?!!! Well, thanks to the South African director Neill Blomkamp, we finally had a good time watching an excellent science fiction film in the big screen: Elysium. I personally love films about how the future would be, in the last movies I have seen they show the future as decadent and with a bigger division between rich and poor. Well, this is exactly how they show it in Elysium which is set in 2154. I don't want to tell you many details, only that Matt Demon plays an excellent role, the effects are superb and I liked the action and fights in it. It reminded me a bit of Terminator in some scenes, the idea of being half man and half machine. I found the role of Kruger fascinating, he's really the bad guy! Gee!!

Something we didn't like was the fact that in the future in Los Angeles, the city on earth is swamped with dirt and poverty and the poor and scumbags are "latinos", Spanish speakers and the rich world on another planet, they speak English and French. There are similarities in the film  with the real world between the way the illegals (of course , they are portrayed as the dirty latinos who bring illnesses and trouble)  try to cross the frontiers paying for their way out. Jodie Foster has been criticized due to her role in the movie but I think she is ok, I was glad to see her after so long, she plays a powerful fearless woman living in the world of the Rich trying to change the government in corrupt way.

In-spite of all this I like may of the ideas that they had about the future as for example a machine to cure any illness (of course only for the rich). I found interesting the way they show the earth with ugly small dirty houses built on top of each other going up touching the heaven. And have I mentioned already how good Matte Demon is in it??!!! He's a new man! The last 2 movies I have seen from him, are so different. He really transforms himself ! Such a good actor!

So go and see it but in the big screen to enjoy the effects to the fullest!!!

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