Saturday, 24 August 2013

Movie to avoid: Only God Forgives (2013) by Belén Delgado

We are big fans of the actor of Ryan Gosling, this was the main reason why we went to see this film. We had no idea what was about (a very risk thing to do..). Do not think that it´s a religious film due to the title, no... it´s just the opposite! The only positive things for me about this movie were to see Ryan again, of course, although his role is not stellar .. and the photography of the film, that I cannot deny that it´s beautiful. To me it was extremely violent, too much for my liking , blood everywhere and a bit of a paranoia when the bad  Thai guy sang after every killing. You don´t feel like going to Thailand after seeing this film that only shows the underworld of prostitution and crime. At some point , I felt like I had stomachache.. I did not want to see again the bad corrupt cop : Chang killing any more people with his sword.. gee I think I had nightmares after it.. and of course I did not feel like eating any popcorns while watching. And yeah, at least, ladies, if you think, well Ryan Gosling is in it and he´s a hot guy and all.. well he is hot for a few minutes, then he´s beaten-up in the film and he looks the most horrible I have seen him.. OMG!! No , please don´t go!! Just use your time to do somethingelse. As the grumpy cat would say: I hated it!

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