Sunday, 4 August 2013

Movie to Avoid .. " Life is a Breeze" (2013)

Those who know me know that I support Irish films and I go to see one whenever I get a chance, I have been living in Ireland for longer than 7 years now and I love this country , so I support the national Film industry. However, I cannot recommend this film.., it was great to see Dublin in it and recognize the settings but the plot just didn't do it for me. It's about a grandmother who had all her life savings hidden in her old mattress and her son throws it away without being aware of that. Then the whole family start looking for the mattress to recover the money. I was bored and if I could, I would have gone to look for the mattress, too so that they could find it earlier.., this is the main plot, yes. They show a bit of the relationships of the Irish families and all Irish culture but I was not engaged with the story line , at all. The reason why I stayed until the end was because I left my keys at home and i was waiting for my husband to pick me up in the cinema, otherwise I would have left in the middle of it.. so no sorry, not convinced.

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