Sunday, 2 October 2011

´thriller Live , The Musical 2011- Yes we were there!(Docklands ,theatre dublin)

Many things have been said about Michael Jackson but one thing no-one can deny is that he was the biggest icon of pop and there is and there will not be anyone so talented like him. I have always admired him as an artist since my oldest sister played over and over again the vinilo record of "thriller" when i was a kid. Unfortunately I could not see Michael live in concert , so i took the chance to go and see the musical which gives tribute to Michael´s life " Thriller Live". We attended the 2.30 pm show because it was the one where i found the better seat. Paradoxically, the audience from the show was full of kids dressed like Michael Jackson. The show started with small Michael singing. There were 3 men and one female singer singing Michael´s songs and one talented little kid playing little Michael in the Jackson five. In general i have to say that i had very high expectations and although I had a very good time and I enjoyed specially the second part of the show, I was a bit disappointed by the lack of originality of the plot of the musical, they were reading stages of Michael´s life and then singing his songs. I could not avoid compare this musical to the one i saw a couple of years ago "we will rock you", where the originality of the plot ,the vocals of the singers and the effects blew us away. Well, the musical thriller was very simple, dancers were very good and out of the 5 singers that portraied Michael, only 1 was not good enough and none of them could dance and sing at the same time like Michael did, fair enough ,Michael is not easy to imitate and you can see this in this show where the dancers do the moves and the singers sing! There was one dancer who did very well the moonwalk! We were all so excited!! As I explained above i enjoyed more the second part ,maybe because i knew better Michael Jackson´s song that Jackson´s five ones. Some of the best moments where we could not sit down and stood up at the theater: Thriller; Moonwalk; Boogie; Billy Jean;beat it; we are the world and bad and form the Jackson five: a,b,c and i´ll be there! Last but not least, i´d like to mention that the female singer was the best imitating Michael´s voice, she was amazing and she looked fab. So no big effects, no big changes of stages and lights, just Michael´s music and dance! i felt Michael´s alive again and i´m sure he´ll always be alive in his songs. So if you are a Michael fan, go and see this musical!

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