Thursday, 6 October 2011

Humble tirbute to a man I respect: Steve Jobs

It´s amazing how wikipedia gets updated so quickly, isn´t it? When your birth date and death date is in wikipedia, it´s a fact! Only a few people in history make a big impact in other´s people lives such as Steve Jobs did. To give you one example, I´m thinking of him right now that i´m forced to use my old vaio laptop which gets stucks every 10 minutes with this obsolete windows vista and this slow duo processor.Being this my second try of writting this post, first try : Computer froze and guess what? I lost the post! So here I´m again trying, I put the Mac sticker on the vaio to see if it makes it faster or more fashionable lol but it ain´t working arg! It´s simple, once you try Mac you never go back! Steve was the co-founder of Apple inc ,which curiously was created on the year I was born, is this a sign? How many people depend nowadays on iphones, ipads or Macs? I only want to thank Steven for making internet-addicts lives like me much easier! It´s easy to spend hours with an i-phone or mac which works so smoothly and which such a beautiful and light design! Unfortunately for you Steve, Cancer does not discriminate between rich and poor and even famous and rich people like you could not win the tough battle against pancreatic cancer. I wonder if you had time to enjoy life to the fullest, dying only at the age of 56 and working almost to the last minute, only resigning in August 2011! Sure whereever you are now, you will be inventing i-phone 6! Unbeliavable, huh? such original and trendy invetions having as an iconic advertisement campaign a bitten apple! What will be the symbology behind that? Uhm ..i´ll ask you one day if we meet!

Steve JObs 1955-2011 descanse en paz! R.i.p.

I leave you with this video of the beginning of Mac

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