Monday, 17 October 2011

The change-up (2011) - Do not waste your time..

Yeah another cinema day where i did not want to make any effort to understand a difficult story and i only wanted to be entertained. Well, I found the non-complicated story, the problem was that ,it was a mere copy of one of those 80ies movies where personalities were exchanged and one swapped the life of the other keeping the other´s body and then they try to get their lives back and I have seen already many of those. It had some funny moments (such as the scene with Jason B. and his twins in the kitchen) but only a few, the funniest ones came from Jason Bateman (he is by the way, one of my t.v. serie´s "platonic love" , when I was a teenager!) but i did not find it even entertain me, too simple, not a hint of originality. So no, do not waste your time if you wanted to go and see it, if you are one day at home and it´s that day on t.v. and you do not have anythingelse to do then have a go, otherwise it´s one of those American commercial forgettable movies that you can live without seeing it.

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