Monday, 17 October 2011

Melacanholia (2011) - Very Aesthetic, but not for everyone..

I still have mixed feelings about this non-conventional and unique film. One thing is undeniable, it´s different, it´s very aesthetic, it has a great photography and there is no other film with similar dialogues, scenes or plot. I´m still not sure about some parts of it, i think every person that sees this movie may have a different interpretation of it, which is actually a good thing because this means the film made you think after it ended and it´s the type of film that you will not forget so easily. Kirsten Dust plays an excellent role and her beauty and delicacy is a big part of it (love the scene when she imitate´s Ofelia in the water), she is the centre of the most beautiful photographic shots in the film. I´m a big fan of her since "Interview with the Vampire". You cannot leave aside the fact, that the director, Lars von Trier is Danish and he´s not a very conventional one, sometimes you feel like in a museum watching an exhibition of beautiful images and other times you get lost in the witty dialogues. So from all what i have written above, i can say that it was not a waste of time for me but i´m still not sure, i think i would have shorten the film, it was too long and at the end you just want the planet "Melancholia" to explode and kill them all to be able to go home lol (MAybe it as me because i was a bit sleepy and I had to concentrate to understand what was going on from the beginning to the end, not sure). I´d recommend you to go and judge for yourself, it´s not a film for everyone, either you will love it or you will hate it or even you may be like me that after 7 days of having watched this film, i´m still not sure whether i liked it or not. One thing I liked about the film: The beginning, very intriguing and beautiful and another thing i liked was the end. Not sure if i helped much with my humble review but this is the way this film made me feel.

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