Sunday, 9 October 2011

Crazy Stupid Love (2011): Good movie to have a laugh!

2 good reasons to see this movie: To see how funny Steve Carell is and to see Ryan Gosling´s Abs (he is just fab lol). The plot is about a married man,Carl (played by Steve) having a crisis in his marriage and having to start over again, in conjuction with 2 other love stories (3 different relationships, of 3 diff generations). Womanizer, Jacob (played by Ryan G.), pities Carl, when he sees him at a night club after his wife breaks up with him and he decides to help him to get a new style and to start dating women again and they actually become mates and at a later stage "almost family" lol (i ain´t telling no more..). Carl´s first attempt will be with Marisa Tomei LOL gee she is funny, too!! My fav moments from the movie are actually the ones in which she comes up LOL "she is an alcoholic " LOL ;the arshole scene at the school LOL or the scene with all fighting in the garden lol. Julianne Moore plays an excellent role as middle-aged woman having a crisis having an affair with Kevin Bacon,playing her work colleague ; the kid playing her son is very good too. So to sum up, if you have one of those days when you don´t want to think much and you only want to be entertained in the cinema with a very easy story to follow, this is the movie to watch, i can guarantee you that you will smile! We liked it! I´m a fan of Steve Carell, he always makes me no surprises there!

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