Sunday, 30 October 2011

Nutcracker ballet at the Convention Centre(October 2011)

We had the pleasure to see the ballet from Moscow performing this 2 acts ballet based on E.T.A. Hoffmann´s story "The nutcracker and the mouse king" at the Convention Centre in Dublin, 2 weeks ago. We were even luckier to be seated on the first row where we could hear even the noise of the dancer´s feet when dancing and moving around! Priceless! They did not have an expensive production, very simple one but just what it was needed, pure raw talent with no need of extra decorations. I have to say that this is my second favourite ballet so far after the Swan Lake both performed by Russian dancers, one thing is clear, Russians have a special gift to dance classic ballet. The audience of the nutcracker was full of families and the reason is simple, this ballet can also appeal the younger audience since it´s based on a kid´s story. It´s very appealing: The costumes ,colours and smilie faces of the dancers (by the way, with a majority of female dancers, even wearing wigs as men)who danced also mixed with a touch of comedy and of course to have as a setting the new and modern Convention Centre,is also a plus, soundwise. Even if you have never seen this ballet live,i´m sure that you have listened to some of the pieces belonging to the well-known composer: Tchaikovsky. All the dancers were very good but the ones that draw my attention specially were: The main dancer that you could see that was in his 40ies, playing the godfather, the one playing the harlequim and the main female dancer, what a delicacy and beauty in her moves (Andres couldn´t stop shouting "guapa, guapa" at the end of the performance. I´m not going to tell you anythingelse, I only want to recommend you to go and see it if you have the chance and if you want to introduce your kids to the world of ballet , this would be a great opportunity. For 2 hours you will be transported to another world and you will forget about everything and smile all the way! This is the main reason why i don´t mind spending money on culture!

IF you are still wondering what is this ballet about watch this video:

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