Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Xmas Flamenco Spectacular at the Smock Abbey on the 11th December 2010

Xmas Flamenco Spectacular at the Smock Abbey theater on the 11th December 2010 in Dublin Ireland. Thanx to the Pe~na Flamenca "El Indalo" , i feel closer to my roots being able to enjoy some flamenco dancing and singing.

I personally enjoyed the original, full of energy,rhythm and passion , Arancha Romero , from Algeciras. After seeing her, we all wanted to dance, she knew how to move her flamenco skirt and feet! The guitarrist "el cuco" played very well, his fingers were so quick and smooth touching the guitar's strings to the rhythm of the percussionist " El Chuster",that it was unbeliavable! By the way,it seemed to easy to play the acoustic box like the Chuster did, it was so natural!! but for sure ,it's not easy! and last but not least, i had the pleasure to see again the delicate and artistic dancer, Felipe, this time i could feel that he was more inspired,may be due to the company or to the gorgeous red suit and boots he was wearing! HE delighted us dancing with a stick and then with Arancha. The only one that didn't impress me much was the other singer Rosa Angeles, nothing against you, Rosa, it just didn't impress me much, as Olayo did the first time i saw him, this time he also sang with a strong voice and he even danced! Olayo you rock,man! where do you get all the voice from that small body??!! One thing that I like about flamenco shows is the wat they cheer up each other with compliments when they sing or dance well "guapa,que arte, vamos all'a" etc

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