Monday, 27 December 2010

Movie Recommendation: Chatroom (2010)

We went to see this film because it was about internet and people interaction in chats, i saw the trailer and i liked the soundtrack , so, no more hesitation! First impression, the movie screen that we went too was half empty..uhm this can be either a good sign ,not being a commercial movie, or a bad sign, being crap and uninteresting that's why there may be nobody lol

Then, we noticed it was a British film so from that moment on, i knew it as not going to be a conventional story. I wasn't wrong, i started to get into the thread of the story by the mid of it and some people actually started leaving the cinema..,not us, of course. I liked the portrayal of an internet world into a real one, cyber users having a face and a body. Just to sum up, it's about a special chatroom where strangers meet up and the leader of the room is a bit malicious and uses his mind to try to control the others. It's an entertaining movie ,not for everyone and it's not going to be the movie of your life. I got something good out of it,appart form entertainment and it was, getting to know the British actor Aaron Johnson!! HE IS HOT!! Now i understand why people say that women find appealing evil men ,lol he's evil!! and sexy!! The actor Matthew Beard, playing Jim,also played an excellent role. I'm not gonna tell you the plot but i also liked one scene, when one pedophile came into the chatroom and his old dirty man face became a girls face trying pretending to be "tina" to find a chatroom for 15-year old girls!Meaning that on the net you can be whoever you want to be and there is always a risk and from my previous work as a cyberinternet investigator, i can confirm that this kind of net pedophile do exist!. After the movie, you really think it twice before chatting with a stranger!! There are so many nut people on the NET!! By the way, it's obvious the propaganda they do for apple! As i'm an apple lover i didn't not have any problem with that.

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