Sunday, 5 December 2010

Now a very good French movie " a La Folie Pas du tout" (2002)

Still my French hasn't improved after I watched this movie, maybe because i couldn't avoid reading the subtitles all the time! The famous actress of Amelie , Audrey Tautou, shows another side of her in this thriller, where it's portrayed the incredible power of mind, when one is really in love. Do not be foolished by harmless appearance of Audrey, do not think either that this film is a romantic one, as I did judging only the title, IT IS NOT! As usual , with the French cinema, you cannot really expect what is going to happen next or how the film is going to end. It's the kind of movie that you start to understand what is going on by the middle of it! So be very well awake when you watch it! IF you want to see something different, don't miss this film! In case you want to look for it, in English it has been translated like "he loves me,he loves me not", here you have short preview in the trailer:

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