Sunday, 10 July 2011

x-Men First Class (2011)

As my new year resolution was to write about all the movies i see in the cinema this year, whether i loved them or not ,here i am because honestly, i don't feel like writing about this one. I have to say that maybe i had too high expectations about this film and this could be the source of my problem with this film, it was an "o.k. , entertaining movie ,with very good effects but in my opinion, the plot was poor and i didn't get involved in the story. I had time to go to the toilet 3 times and I even fall asleep one small part! Too long! Some of the highlights for me were: Cute James Mcavoy, just seeing him acting was a pleasure for me.. and seeing Kevin Bacon playing the villain, gee he is old now (since Footloose a big difference!) but he is very good at this role,it suited him!!! I liked the fact that in the film German and even French were spoken, Kevin Bacon had a very good German accent! Some scenes i liked the scene of the German coin going into one of the villain's head, it was very well done! Another highlight for me was getting to know actor Michael Fassbender, he reminded me a lot of one of my favorite actors: Christian Bale. I know many of you will disagree with me, specially guys who love fights and effects, i actually like a lot the X-men series but i just think this film was not good enough.

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