Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Since December 2010 waiting to see the Script in the Aviva Stadium in Dublin! Finally!

I waited for so many months for this moment, being able to see one of my favorite groups, The Script, live in the impressive Aviva Stadium. The atmosphere was great, people of different styles and ages, all dancing and singing in the Aviva Arena. It's was an amazing feeling to see the whole stadium doing the "wave" before the script came to the stage. Very well organized, with security and staff everywhere, it was easy to get something to eat or drink. There were more than 50.000 people, I would say (Aviva stadium has capacity for 52.000 thousand), this is a great success for them ,taking into account that their debut album was launched only in 2008 and they playing with U2 as a support band last year, if i remember well. Now they are on tour around the world and they deserve their success! They sang beautifully for 2 hours ,you could tell that they were very excited and proud to be in their home country singing in front of such a receptive audience, people were singing along loudly, Andres and I tried to sing along but we didn't know all the lyrics lol so we had to pretend we were singing in our own language "English-pitinglish",you know the kind of "uoooo, lalalal washi wushu!! " We were supposed to be seated but everybody stood up to sing and dance so no chance to be seated there!! I'd say that my favorite moments were when they sang " the man who can't be moved" " break even","we cry","nothing","science and faith","if you even come back","before the worst" uhm all of them really!!! They are so good live!! I'm so happy i could be part of this!! What? do you know them yet??!!! have a look at the below video:

And the coronas, great band!!!

My only piece of criticism would be that they say that the show will start at 18.00 ,we were there at 17.00, first ones in the queue ,we came almost out of breath from the other concert, we went to on that day (Glee) and the show it didn't start until 18.35 and it was the first support band: The Coronas, amazing Irish band, by the way, i didn't know them and now i'm a fan,cute singer ,too lol well, my criticism is that after the coronas, they played some music and then when we thought that the script was coming another support band came! a famous one ,actually "Tinie Tempah" und uff ,i don't care if they are famous and all that, they sounded horribly bad, we didn't like them and they were playing for a while, then they stop and there was some music for a long time. So to sum up the script didn't come to the stage until 21.00 p.m.!!!!! I had to drink a coffee and a coke,eat chips and a hot-dog to be able to wait for them so long!! This is what fame does to people, you need to wait for ages and then they have not only one but 2 support bands! Anyway, the Script were very nice to the audience ,they even gave a guitar to one girl in the audience and a kiss on the lips!! GEEEE WHY I WASNT ON THE FIRST ROW THIS TIME!!

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