Sunday, 3 July 2011

Glee on Tour in Dublin, O2 2nd July: Positive Energy and Happiness! thanx Glee!

Yeah in one word: Glee-tastic!! As a big fan of the American musical serie: "Glee", I have to admit that i felt very excited when I saw them all on stage for the first time live! They are exactly like on the serie: Excellent singers, dancers, energetic and cheerful! It's so weird when you see them, you feel like you have known them forever, you know how they look like, their names, their personalities, their singing and dancing styles.. I literally felt like a teenager! No wonder why this tv series have got so many awards, among those a Golden Globe Award. This is why i like going to music concerts of different styles, they all make you feel different things and you really manage to disconnect. Well Glee concert lasted 90 minutes and to me it went so fast..I could have been listening to them all day long! They mixed the singing with some part of the serie with glee teacher: Will and glee coach: Sue presenting some of the songs, specially because they are not on tour with them. In relation to the rest of the cast, all glee club was there but Quinn, played by actress Dianna Agron. They whole glee club started the concert singing the popular "Don't stop believing" ! wow! what a start! It was not allowed to tape any videos so i can't really show you a good part of the concert. Some of the highlights moments for me were: Britney singing "slave for you", she sings and looks much better than Britney! Yeah i hate her she is even prettier in person than on t.v., i couldn't find any faults and believe me i was looking for them all the time lol. Little Rachel sings beautifully , she is very tiny and compact but with a powerful voice ! Kurt played by Christopher Paul Cofer also has a very beautiful voice, he sings like a girl but it's powerful indeed! He also showed his dancing skills dancing "I'm a single lady" by Beyonce. He stole the show! He also said some funny lines, as for example when he proposed on stage to gorgeous looking Blane (played by Darren Chris) to join the glee club after going to the stage with a sack saying that he had Irish Leprechaun inside. Talking of Blane, the group that he leads in Glee"The warblers" also sang 3 songs in a very harmonious and melodic way, loved it! Another memorable song was when Rachel sang on her own "Firework" by Katy Perry. Tina also sang a song on her own "True Colors", it was fab! I also liked a lot when all the glee club came in the t-shirts with their faults written in them , like in one of the episodes and sang " born this way" by Lady Ga-Ga. They even threw some t-shirts at the audience but i was very far away to get any! So many moments to remember, I could be writing here for hours!!! No need to see that the O2 in Dublin was packed, there was not an empty seat and it was 14.00 p.m. !! There were people of all ages, isn't it great? Music bring people together!

Last but not least, my favorite character in Glee, Finn Hudson, looks as good as imagined him, he is so cute and friendly! And yes he can sing and he even played the drums when he sang "Jessie's Girl", we even have a photo together lol (I know,i know i'm too old for him but teacher Will was not around..!)

They ended up the show singing "Somebody to love" by Queen, what a great ending for a wonderful concert. We enjoyed ourselves a lot, looking forward to seeing them again on tour next year! If you haven't had a chance to see them and you are a fan of the series, don't miss it next time!

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