Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Bye,Bye Amy Winehouse

A woman carrying a surname with the word "Wine" in it and whose major hit was a song saying "don't want to go to Rehab, no,no,no,no" couldn't end up in any other way as she did. I actually feel very sorry for her death, it's a pity that she could not overcome her addiction to drugs and alcohol and take avantage of her major unique talented career as a singer. Whether you are/were a fan of her or not, it is undeniable that there will not be another one like her. Only with 27 years of life ,she has won her place in the history of music with her 6 deserved music awards. I have to admit that i'm not a big fan of her but this does not mean that i cannot appreciate talent, her voice and style was unique and that's why i'm writing a few lines about her. I only hope that her death wakes some people up that may be suffering the same addiction that she had, her performances should be part of rehabilitation programs to assist other people and even be part of teenager education in high-schools.

I was actually seeing different performances of her in different times and i could not find a single one when she i could tell that she was sober or that she had not taken any drugs recently. So at one point I decided to stop watching her singing live in youtube and i moved to listening to her voice in the recorded songs in a cd and only then, i could really listen carefully to the actual lyrics of her songs to the end and enjoy her music. I was not able to enjoy her performances seeing her in that state, specially one of the last ones she did in Serbia where she could not even stand or sing, I felt even more sorry for her and her family , how come nobody stop that show and took her to a hospital? was it al about money and business? and what about the last "performance" in the i-tunes festival where she didn't even sing a word? Now he is on the number one of the charts, who is earning money with this?

Maybe Amy would not have been Amy being sober and with a regular haircut and wearing jeans, her addiction was part of her celebrity personality. One thing is true, as we say in Spanish " who plays with fires , ends up getting burned" & this is exactly what happened to Amy, you cannot play with drugs and live long and prosper.... , don't take me wrong, i'm not judging her, i'm no-one to judge, i'm just thinking loud about life and its consequences.

Who would say that 3 weeks ago when I was listening to the radio and they were talking about Amy saying that she was going to end up if she didn't get help that this was actually going to be the thing that happened. And who would say that on the news headlines on the same day would be the death of Amy Winehouse along with the death of 86 people in Norway killed by an evil psycho with a smiley face.

2 different tragedies, both unexpected and both of them were caused by 2 sources of evil: one : "drugs" and another one "an uncontrolled psycho mind". Life is full of coincidences and unexpected events.. so this is my final thought, good night all. All my respect to Amy Winehouse and family, big loss for the music industry. I leave you with one of my favorite songs " back to black":

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