Sunday, 10 July 2011

"Coppelia" classical ballet performed by the Birmingham Royal Ballet in Dublin

I can define this brilliant piece of comic ballet in some words: aesthetic, magical, melodious music in perfect synch with quick and delicate ballet moves from all dancers. This performance really touched us, we enjoyed all three acts of it and couldn't stop applauding like the rest of the audience at the end of it at the Docklands Theater. What a marvelous feeling to be able to enjoy ballet with no words, only music played by a live orchestra, dance and gestures surrounded by 3 different beautiful settings. I have to say that after having seeing the Russian ballet 2 years ago i thought that the Birmingham ballet could not do it any better. Well i was wrong, it was a totally different experience seeing Coppelia, for me it was the first time that i have seen comedy mixed with ballet, a comedy without words which i find even better and more enjoyable. All the bailarinas were so delicate, specially the main dancer ,her moves in the second act when she plays the doll Coppelia, she really looked like a doll!! and the sweet old inventor,Doctor Coppelius, even though he didn't dance, he was fab making all of us laugh, he was very excited when he saw the whole audience standing in ovation only when he was alone on the stage. I'd say that my favorite act would be the second one when all the bailarinas go into the inventor's house and they find the doll Coppelia, the setting was very well done, with attention to detail and all the dancers playing different dolls really seemed like real dolls!

Last but not least, once again i wondered what is the story with the male dancers "attributes", what do they all wear under the tights??!!! Sorry not a very cultural comment but i couldn't help mentioning it. So yeah one thing appart from music, ballet and feeling joy is seeing a group of males in tights jumping in the air!! They looked like birds!! So delicate and light!! Where are those men on the planet???
If you have the chance of seeing Coppelia around the world, don't miss it, you will have a smile on your face all the way!! and the music is beautifullllll!!!

Here you can see a small piece of my favorite act that i have found on you tube:

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