Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Horrible bosses (2011): Good movie to laugh out loud

Well actually the movie i went to see yesterday was "the Guard", I usually give films 20 minutes from the start to know whether i'll like them or not and if I dont like them then, i walk out and go to see another film. Yeah, you guess is right, this is what happened with this Irish movie"The Guard", i didn't feel engaged, too many local jokes i couldn't understand and not interested in the plot, at all. So I went to the other screen where "Horrible bosses" had just started, it was almost full but i managed to seat on the second row, first time i see a film so close, gee I could see even the hair nose of the actors! So let's get to the point, if you want to have a good time with a black comedy film similar to "Hang-over" (not so good but similar style), go to see this film. No wonder why this film is on the top box-office list of USA with 11.9 million $ earned so far, I guess many people can identify themselves with some characteristics of their own bosses with the ones from the movie (I say "some" because the bosses portrayed in the film have very exaggerated personalities).

I actually laughed out loud many times and believe me ,it's not easy to make me laugh after a hardworking day.

Many funny moments that I can think of now such as the pictures Jennifer Anniston showed actor Charlie Day,playing Dale, of their encounter in the doctor surgery lol or the scene of Dale with Nick (played by handsome Jason Bateman) and the cocaine or the one with Dale again and mean intolerable boss played by Kevin Spacey and the allergic attack LOL, LOL.I got what i wanted : To disconnect and have a good time with a film that i didn't have to think much. Very simple plot: 3 friends that have 3 nasty bosses played by: Collin Farrel, Kevin Spacey and sexual harraser boss Jennifer Anniston and they plan how to get rid of them.

The audience of the web page "rotten tomatoes" scores this film with 89 and critics with 69 ,i actually agree more with the critics and I'd give it a 69 or 70%, I didn't have high expectations and i knew what type of movie i was going to watch, gladly surprised by some of the performances like the ones with Charlie Day, he was my favorite and I didn't know him before this film. Short appearance of Jamie Foxx is also remarkable even the last scene of the movie LOL.

If you are not into this type of American movie with stupid jokes and an easy plot to follow , don't go but I'm happy I walked out of the other film and went to see this one! Next film on my list : The Beginners.

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